Should I Buy into all the Hype about Succulents? 5 Pros and Cons



1. They are cute


Succulents are just darn cute plants. If I were to compare them to a human, they would be an adorable baby. Everybody wants to hold one and proudly post pictures of their own.

I personally like the little tiny ones best. So adorable! I can’t even with them right now. You have NO idea how long I posed my succulents for this photoshoot. I simply had to get all their cute little angles. 


Cute and simple

2. They basically grow themselves


So unlike the baby in the above example, succulents are low maintenance. I like to call that a win-win. Cute and low maintenance. You can’t beat that!

I keep mine indoors next to a window and only water them about every 3-4 weeks. So easy!

You do not need to have a green thumb to succeed in growing these guys. They will add life and color to your office desk, kitchen, wherever you decide to grow them. 

The ones pictured below are being grown in eggshells. How easy is that! And they are thriving. Like I said, so easy to grow and maintain.


Eggshell babies


3. Most types are quite affordable


Yes, they are cute, low maintenance, and cheap. Did I already say they’re the perfect plant. Most of mine have cost between $3-$5. Not bad right?

Now of course, there are more expensive succulents. Bigger and rarer types obviously cost more. But if you just want a little starter one, very affordable!

You can pick up some great looking succulents at your local Lowes and Home Depot. Although, sometimes these big stores tend to over water the succulents. So you need to be wary when picking out the perfect plant.

I prefer to buy from local greenhouse and garden shops where the employees are better trained on how to care for the various plants.   


View from my windowsill.


4. They are unique


Succulents come in all shapes and sizes, so odds are yours will not look exactly like your neighbors. There are so many different beautiful ones to choose from. In fact, there are many succulent species in over 25 different plant families.

They range in color too. Green, pink, and reds, such vibrant leaves. With so many options you mine as well start a collection. 

Once you’ve bought several try replanting them all in the same pot, thus creating a gorgeous succulent garden. Might I add that these make great centerpieces. You can really let your creativity sore when designing your own little garden. 


Lovely colors!

5. They don’t succ


Haha, see what I did there. You know how sometimes you spend so much time and effort into selecting the perfect plant? Then you water it with care and tend to its needs; then it goes off and dies on you.

Succulents won’t do that! They won’t betray you. Why, because they don’t succ! I find that the more I care for and water them the less happy they are. Simply ignore and watch them flourish.


The centerpiece on my dining room table is colorful succulent planters of course!



1. They are addicting


Succulents are like chips, once you start you can’t have just one. You need more and more. Pretty soon you are googling up succulent images and joining succulent Facebook groups. Succulents and Sunshine is a fantastic group to join by the way.

Trust me! You can not own just one. They need to have friends. And the more you have the bigger, more beautiful arrangements you can create. 


A fun little arrangement


2. They could cost you a lot of money


This goes back to point #1. Because they are highly addictive, you could end up spending much more money than originally planned. A strict plant budget is a good idea. I have a special lawn/garden section in my budget. This helps to keep me from buying every new and exciting succulent I see.

Budgets are difficult to follow however, when you’ve joined a few succulent Facebook groups where people constantly post gorgeous pictures of their plants. Pretty soon you’re reading the comments, figuring out what kind of succulent it is, looking at your empty pot that needs a plants, and POOF!

More money is flying out your wallet.  



3. They need cute pots to live in


It’s a given that if you buy a succulent, you need a cute pot for it. And cute pots will most likely cost more than your succulent plant. At least mine have. But don’t let this deter you.

Do not dare plant them in a plain ol’ boring pot, or else they will surely die. Just kidding, but seriously they will be happier and healthier in a fun, unique pot. I love bright, fun pots that add pops of color around my house.

You can find so many cool pots just by shopping Facebook marketplace and hitting up garage sales. I have personally found several on such sites. 


Can’t wait to find the perfect cactus for my cactus pot!

4. Your spouse may or may not ban you from shopping at garden stores


Every time you go to a store that has a garden section beware. Your spouse may have to physically restrain you from going down those isles. Not that this has happened to me or anything. I exhibit great self control at all times. (wink, wink)

You will find yourself saying things like, “I just want to see if they have any new ones in stock.” Or “This one is too cute to pass up.” Or “This one is dying, I bet I can save it!” Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Grow baby grow


5. People might refer to you as the crazy plant lady


Instead of the crazy cat lady, you will be the crazy plant lady. This is of course because they are addicting, and you won’t be able to control yourself in the garden section of stores.

Depending on how you look at it, this last point may not be a con.

Heck, if you came to my place you’d be calling me a crazy plant lady! 


P.S. I did go to a succulent/plant exchange in a shady park with total strangers, so I might have earned that title.


Check out this beauty!

In conclusion:

So there you have it, based on my unbiased article (cough, cough), judge for yourself whether or not you should buy into all the succulent hype. These super popular plants could be just what you need. Call them an addiction, therapy, or a hobby. I highly recommend starting your love affair with succulents today!

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